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  • #Gemini Daily Single Love Horoscope for Today

    Thursday September 21, 2023

    Today you’ve finally found someone to love, or you’re getting close. Listen to the suggestions of the Stars – they know how to make you happy.

    If you are of the second decade, make the most of that rare gift you have: magnetism! Pretend to be inexpert and play the part of he or she who has not savored the fruit of passion.

    Tonight try to solve a difficult matter. You’ll soon see that clarifying matters will be easier than you’d thought.

    Some advice? Hypocrisy doesn’t help anyone. Avoid it when you can.

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Daily Single Love Gemini

Gemini in Love and Romance

In keeping with Gemini extrovert side, if you think you have fallen in love with someone, you will not waste a second in telling that person that you love him/her. If you are a little too romantic, you might keep beating round the bush, making all kinds of arrangements, and finally screwing up the end game. This is because romanticism and the normal Geminian extrovert and confident nature do not go hand in hand. Otherwise, normally, you have the gift of the gab, as they say.

So, you can actually say it even while not saying it; that is, by making up stories and beautifying the conversation, you will put your point across without any shadow of doubt. But when it’s the partner talking and expressing himself/herself, you might tend to get a little restless. It’s natural to you, but definitely not excuse. No matter how impatient you get, no matter how much you may think the other person is wasting time and not coming to the point, you should not interrrupt and neither should you engage in other activities. This might terribly irritate you partner, as this might be one of the most important moments of his/her life.

Coming to the sex life, you need to satisfy your need for change and variety. A little experimentation and a few surprises will not go out of the way, but for that, you will have to talk to your partner, and make sure he/she is cool with it. Now the comes the issue of wanting more than one companions. The thing is that Geminians want the most of everything, so that it is hard for them to imagine all of them to come from one person. They have physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs, and for each of them, they might have a different partner. So they have different partners for different needs, they do not prefer one over the other, or love one more than the other. But that is no consolation for the partner.

What they need to do is to be more careful about compatibility in all the four departments with the other person before moving forward with the relationship, and then training themselves to fulfil all their needs from the same person. Unfortunately for them, their natural tendencies are looked upon as cheating by the society.