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  • #Taurus Daily Single Love Horoscope for Today

    Thursday September 21, 2023

    After so many disappointments, here is finally a day to enjoy. You’ll have so many possibilities to make new acquaintances and interesting friendships and maybe even go further by flirting.

    For the first decade strong emotions will be an everyday affair: you will sometimes find encounters odd but also intriguing and able to capture your attention.

    Tonight you’ll have your head in the clouds and will only have eyes for a stranger you meet on a tram.

    Some advice? Abandon yourself to intriguing situations: there’s no more room for shyness!

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Daily Single Love Taurus

Taurus in Love and Romance

In love, when it comes to the Taurus, most people picture the charging bull. The reality is in stark contrast from that. When a Taurus feels drawn to another person, he/she will sit down, relax and try to look at the situation as objectively as possible. It’s not that they are not passionate – their passion is just overridden by their patience at this point. And once they have assured themselves that the juice is worth the squeeze, they will go right into it and try to win the person over with careful planning and charm.

And if you are a Taurean, this is where you can go wrong – you are just not ready to accept the fact that someone might really like you for what you really are! Why the planning and scheming? Why can’t you be your natural self? You will surely see that winning over someone is not always about overwhelming the person. Ultimately, the relationship will work only if the other person is ready to accept you even with all the shortcomings you have.

Sexually, Taurus are known to take time to be aroused, but once they are, there is nothing in the world that can pull them back. This is quite true, and in this department, you would be quite right in summoning that charging bull’s picture to mind. The time you take is just for a reality check – you can’t charge into such matters without being sure that you will not be hurt by being rejected.

The Taurus’ most negative characteristic is possessiveness. The more the Taurus is fond of his/her companion, the more possessive he/she is. Not many companions will be comfortable with such an attitude. And on occasions, it might happen that the partner parts ways for this reason, and the Taurus doesn’t even understand why this is happening to him/her. So your ability to charm those you like makes you a marvelous catch but just don’t try to own your companion, and everything will go fine.