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Daily Single Love Scorpio

Scorpio in Love and Romance

This sun-sign signifies one very distinct human quality – fierceness of intent and sense of purpose. This is displayed amply in the way Scorpios go about their love lives. And this diligence and effort can, most of the time, be seen as trying to prove one’s love to oneself or one’s loved one. This need for reassurance is quite good as long as it acts as glue keeping you close to your wife. But when that is not the case, it can get really frightening for the partner. With great power comes a great need to control that power.

And the same can be said about your sexual drive. You are very passionate about your loved one, and don’t miss a single opportunity to express that passion physically, which is greatly welcome. But say you are away from him/her; is it possible for you to keep all that sexual energy pressed within you until you see him/her? If not, you are calling for some real trouble. Sure you might not go the length, and nothing might happen, but how will you deal with the feeling of guilt that will be rooted within you? And let’s say for a moment that you will deal with it and turn out all right. But will you be able to accept the same kind of behavior from your partner?

The answer to that question is a resounding NO. Jealousy is a very ugly feeling, and it looks ugliest when it is harbored by a person with such a strong personality as you. This jealous, possessive nature has destroyed many happy relationships. While even the other person’s smallest interactions would be viewed through a spectacle of doubt and jealousy, your own misadventures will be wrapped in secrecy. It would be quite good if the partner can see through all this shortcomings and love you for what you are. But be as it may, it would really be good for you to try and check these tendencies, if only to make your companion’s life just a little better.