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  • #Sagittarius Daily Single Love Horoscope for Today

    Monday December 04, 2023

    You'll finally manage to live your dream! Forget the pains of Love, your friends will be amazed by the smile on your face.

    If you belong to the first decade, you will feel the desire for company. Use all your spirit of initiative and pleasant nature for the new interesting encounters which are on the cards!

    Nobody will think of inviting you out tonight but hey, why don't you invite someone to the stadium or movie theater? It'll be great!

    Some advice? Abandon yourself to intriguing situations: there's no more room for shyness!

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Daily Single Love Sagittarius

Sagittarius in Love and Romance

It is very characteristic of Sagittarius to fall in love, or fall in something of the kind, and then feel that may be it’s just a temporary thing, a phase. What’s happening here is that you are naturally in love with your physical and emotional independence, to a degree that you can’t imagine. So, when those feelings crop up inside you for someone, there is some part of you that always tells you not to risk that freedom of yours if it’s not worth it. So you keep telling yourself that this one is not the one. You stop yourself from pressing on, and the other person gets the feeling that you are not so into him/her. Being too much into someone too fast is not too good either, but your at the other extreme. So you need to do the balancing act. And experience teaches you how. You teach yourself that the only way to find out if someone is the one, is to try even at the risk of a heartbreak!

Once in a relationship, we again see Sagittarius vigorous and enthusiastic side. That’s right – you are too sexed up not to get bored in relationships. This can happen in a variety of situations – say if the partner is not imaginative sexually, or if there is little else to the relationship other than the sexual act. In both cases, you will enjoy yourself for as long as the initial spark lasts, and after that start to feel unfulfilled and restless. At this point, you will give in much more easily than others to the boredom, and end the relationship.

There is also the disturbing trait of duality in relationships exhibited by Sagittarius. To the world, this can be seen in the form of two simultaneous relationships. Of course, if at all you do it, you will do it just to reassure yourself of your independence from any one person. You would want to tell yourself that you don’t need anyone emotionally. But that is not a very healthy line of thought. Moreover, the companions will see it as an act of betrayal.