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    Today is Monday, ruled over by Moon, which is passing through a watery sign. Moon favors the North-West direction, which is popularly known as ‘Vaayavya Kona’ in Vedic Astrology. Its presence in a watery sign makes the North direction favourable for journey. Both of the factors make the North, North-West and West directions quite auspicious for today’s journey.

    In case you are traveling in the East, you should worship Lord Shiva. At the same time, eat Kheer or Paayas (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) and offer alms to the needy of the society. Needless to say, worshipping the god of the relevant planets will reduce evil effects and bring you success in your journey.

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Traveling pisces Style

Daily Journey Pisces

Journey Pisces

Traveling Pisces Style

Emblematic of the Water sign that they are, Pisceans tend to go with the flow when traveling, never making waves. Consequently, there must be someone else leading the way, or else the Fish would never get there!

Those born under this sign are the dreamers of the Zodiac, preferring to indulge their fantasies (and secrets) in an unconscious state. When they do awaken, though, their focus is on seeing how they can be of service to others. It’s this quality which takes the traveling Fish to the heart of Africa or the streets of Iran.

The Fish see no need to set the agenda when on the road, preferring to leave practical matters and budgetary concerns to their traveling companions. Dreamy as they are, it’s essential that someone else create the structure. What the Fish care about most is that their spirit is being soothed and that they are being useful in the world. To that end, meditative treks to India or Tibet are just the ticket.

Artistic as well, Pisceans would adore the opportunity to work with potters in Mexico or play music in the Andes of Peru. Finally, these folks love to be near water — would Fish crave anything else? This makes them a natural for swimming, diving or sailboat excursions, the latter ideally suited to their penchant for daydreaming (someone else will be trimming those sails!).