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  • #Pisces Daily Finance Horoscope for 28 November 2023

    Today you’re likely to be more focused than usual on whatever it is you have to do, whether it’s chores around the house and yard or projects of your own that are very important to you. Your mind is especially sharp and in tune with your feelings. Dreams and imaginings might prove to be valuable sources of inspiration. At some point your mind might turn to travel, or the acquisition of new knowledge, or both. Enjoy your day.

    The financial condition of these people is fluctuating. They know how to make money through their work, but they also invest money in social work. Pisceans are soft-hearted and are consequently ready to help themselves and others. Because of this, these people also help others monetarily and spend money on such works. Pisces is a water dominant sign, owing to which there is no shortage of expenses. They spend more than they earn. These folks always avoid unnecessary expenses, but sudden expenditures can hit their savings hard. Pisces people know how to make money through their intelligence. They have an attraction headed for beautiful things, and they also toil to achieve them. Along with the family, they also methodically spend their money to maintain their social status.

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Career Horoscope: pisces

Pisces Daily Finance

Career Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this sums up the lifelong theme of your career. You need both security and freedom. You’re at once a total rebel and an utter “company man.” Although you feign helplessness, when you’re in charge, it’s all about business.

Imaginative Pisces, you rule the zodiac’s twelfth house of dreams, creativity and healing. If you’re not an artist or creative director, you have a true appreciation for the arts. Your ruler is Neptune, the planet of fantasy. You love bringing the vivid landscapes of your imagination into material form, stretching people’s minds. Pisces especially rule photography and fashion — all things glamorous, in short. You may work as a photographer, a designer or a model. Pisces Cindy Crawford is considered the world’s first supermodel. Directing film is another natural Pisces path.

In a large institution or corporation, you bring a rare creative touch, and push for reform. You may work for “the man,” but you’ll never be him! Pisces also rules compassion, and you treat your staff with a humanity rarely seen in the workplace. At times, you may blur boundaries between business and personal, so curb the tendency to be too nice. Otherwise, employees will quickly take advantage of you, bringing out your rarely-seen inner bully. You hate being an authority figure, and probably got the gig because you’re so responsible, not by stepping on anyone.

Ultimately, Pisces is a leader “for the people.” This makes you a great agent or advocate. In fact, if you go into business for yourself, we recommend representing others. Pisces make great art dealers, for example, or talent agents. While you’re not very nice to yourself, you’ll fight for your charges to the bitter end. With your huge heart, you thrive in the non-profit and educational sectors. Solitude is also important to your sign. Many a Pisces has been found crunching numbers in a quiet cubicle. Still, we recommend interacting with people, since your natural warmth and hospitality put people at ease. You’re perfect as the sales representative who takes clients out to lunch, since you quickly make them feel comfortable. They’ll sign contracts in no time, simply because you made them feel so accepted!

The twelfth house is the zodiac’s final house, often associated with the last stage of life, where reality is blurred, and people often go into a restful or secluded state. Hospitals, institutions, retreats and the subconscious are all ruled by Pisces. For that reason, many Pisces are nurses, therapists or work for large institutions. You are also a powerful intuitive healer, and can thrive in the holistic or medical fields.

Photographer, filmmaker, musician, artist, human resources director, head of a non-profit, nurse, physical therapist, psychiatrist, healer, spiritual leader