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    Your Moon sign is Virgo. The Moon is placed in an exalted position today. During this period it will pass through the Nakshatras belonging to Sun, Moon and Mars. This position indicates prosperity. You may assess your present position and rectify adequately wherever you can.

    This day may prove favorable for you. But it all depends on your efforts. Try to discover your hidden strengths and will power, and make us of them. You may be in a sympathetic mood and may also indulge in retrospection. Develop your interests in art and culture. You may be able to recognize your supporters and enemies today.

    If you are getting irritated, keep control over yourself. In case your mind is peaceful, you may go ahead with any type of deals concerning sale/purchase, travel, initiating new ventures and arriving at significant decisions.

    A combination of colors will prove lucky for you today. You will pass this day happily in the company of like-minded and loving people. Your will feel fresh and healthy. Take advantage of the favorable trend and make proper utilization of it for improving your fortune. Refrain from thinking ill of others, as it will reduce the scope of achieving your goal. If you can divert your mind from worldly aspects and bend it towards religion then it will help you in standing in good stead.

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Traveling virgo Style

Daily Journey Virgo

Journey Virgo

Traveling Virgo Style

Anyone traveling with a Virgo need not wear a watch, since the Virgin has an internal (and external) clock which hums to perfection.

When traveling, the Virgin can jump out of bed at 7 AM, make a 7:35 train, pull into the station at 8:32 and know that the next bus is in seven minutes. Is this even fun? You bet, since those born under this sign are highly organized and love a routine, even when traveling. Better yet, call it a rhythm, for hitting the road with these folks will be a delicious mix of sightseeing, knowledge-gathering and good, clean fun.

And heaven help the one who upsets this apple cart! Virgos love this sense of order, thank you very much, meticulously planning their trips well in advance. These folks want to experience as many things as possible and will try and fit in all in on every trip, the better to get their money’s worth. The major museums would certainly be visited in Florence, while the best Cajun bets would be savored in The Big Easy.

Looks count, too, which is why the Virgin’s luggage is always nice and the day’s attire is both clean and pressed. Although they enjoy traveling with a partner, Virgos are also perfectly happy to hit the road alone. Whatever the case, it will be a sensible journey!