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    The lord of the day for today is Moon. The most preferred direction for today is North-West. Moon is passing through an earthy sign. This is a desirable place for Moon. Traveling in the South direction can be auspicious.

    But avoid traveling in other directions, as it may not be a good option. Also, don’t forget to eat Paayas or Kheer (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) and worship the lord Shiva, chant mantras of Moon etc., before you start.

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Traveling taurus Style

Daily Journey Taurus

Journey Taurus

Traveling Taurus Style

Slow and steady pretty much sums up a Taurean on the road. The Bull is a careful planner, knowing full-well what is needed to make a trip both successful and worth their time. Taking a trip is no small task for these folks, which means they wouldn’t think twice about spending a year planning the perfect excursion, poring through a stack of travel books while they’re at it.

Does this mean a trip with the Bull will wind up being ‘my way or the highway?’ Hey, they don’t call them bull-headed for nothing! That said, pampered (and pampering) Taureans are likely to set an agenda which is rife with sensual pleasures – top hotels, great meals and a night at the opera are all to be expected. Even the luggage will be top-of-the-line, whether it’s a Louis Vuitton trunk or a sturdy Eastpak bag.

The Bull will also spend a pretty penny while on the road, although probably not more than the bank account can handle. Is it likely that Taureans will wait a lifetime for that six-month whirl through Europe? Maybe. But for these folks, the trip will be everything they want (and need) when they finally get there!