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    The lord of the day for today is Moon. Its prescribed direction is in middle of the West and North directions, which is called ‘Vaayavya Kona’. Moon is in a fiery sign, which makes, the East direction favorable. So, you can travel in the North-East and North directions. Traveling towards South also is not inauspicious. But traveling in the South-East and West may not be beneficial today.

    Before starting your journey eat Kheer or Paayas (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) for better chances of achieving your goal.

    Worshipping Lord Shiva and bowing to your mother before starting your journey may bring positive results, so go ahead and do that if you intend to take a journey today.

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Traveling sagittarius Style

Daily Journey Sagittarius

Journey Sagittarius

Traveling Sagittarius Style

Was Sir Edmund Hillary a Sagittarian? He certainly could have been, for he epitomizes a key characteristic of those born under this sign: explorer. The first man to climb Mount Everest lived the dream of many a Sagittarian in going where no one else had been before.

As the Sign of Travel, Sagittarians love nothing more than hitting the road in search of knowledge and adventure. As well, the Archer needs to experience things firsthand in order to have a good time. Tales of monks in Tibet are useless unless the Archer can break bread with these learned men — then and only then will it all make sense.

Philosophers that they are, Sagittarians crave a journey of discovery. You’ll never find these folks at Disneyland, since they’d much rather be muckraking in Bolivia or exploring the wilds of Mozambique.

Solo travel also suits these pioneers of the Zodiac, a good thing since it would be pretty hard for others to keep up with them, anyway. Imagine the young lad with a knapsack on his back, leaving home in search of wide-eyed adventure: Yep, that’s a Sag! Once on the road, Sagittarians seek to expand their mind, and if they can grasp the meaning of life along the way, even better. Travel and new experiences are very important to these folks, and their sociable natures dictate that they should have fun while they’re at it!