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    Monday’s lord is Moon. Its favored direction is the middle of the North and the West. Moon is placed in an Airy sign today, that favors the West direction.

    Both of these factors support the West, North-West and West-South directions making them auspicious for today.

    Traveling in the East and North-East, and the South-East directions should be avoided today as there are chances that your journey will not bring the fruits you desire.

    Also, don’t forget to eat Kheer or Paayas (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) and worship the Lord Shiva before you start. Worshipping the god of the relevant planets will reduce evil effects and bring success in your journey.

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Traveling libra Style

Daily Journey Libra

Journey Libra

Traveling Libra Style

Taking the focus away from self and toward others is what Librans are all about, and that certainly applies when they’re on the road. Those born under this sign are loathe to travel alone, much preferring the company of another, especially their partner. And you can bet these folks will be in synch with their traveling companion. ‘Honey, if you’re happy, I’m happy,’ is a common refrain from a Libran on the road.

Much like the Scales which represent them, Librans seek harmony and balance when traveling. Consequently, it’s likely that a Libran on the road will have an agenda which matches their mate, as they work to avoid conflict at all costs.

And speaking of cost, an excursion with the Scales will cost a pretty penny! Librans simply adore luxury, ruled as they are by Venus, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. Five-star hotels and the best food and wine are only the beginning — oh, the trinkets on which those Libran eyes will fixate! Someone best have deep pockets or plenty of plastic to finance this journey.

As well, the Scales have to look good in order to feel good when on the road. Their sociable natures will also take them to many glittering events, so a pressed tux or twinkling evening gown will be in that bag. And will they chat everyone up when they get there? Absolutely!