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  • capricorn Daily Journey for Today

    The lord of the day for today is Moon. The most preferred direction for today is North-West. Moon is passing through an earthy sign. This is a desirable place for Moon. Traveling in the South direction can be auspicious.

    But avoid traveling in other directions, as it may not be a good option. Also, don’t forget to eat Paayas or Kheer (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) and worship the lord Shiva, chant mantras of Moon etc., before you start.

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Traveling capricorn Style

Daily Journey Capricorn

Journey Capricorn

Traveling Capricorn Style

Traveling in style is what Capricorns are all about — if you can get them on the road, that is.

Those born under this sign are the worker bees of the Zodiac, mainly interested in working, making money and building an empire. If and when they do take a trip, though, Capricorns are highly organized, carefully planning the agenda beforehand. It will also be first-class all the way, for these folks are keenly interested in social status. No nouveau-riche posers here, since it’s all tasteful and classically elegant with the willful Sea Goat.

A tour of Europe’s capitals is always high on the agenda, what with the savoir faire that says ‘I’ve arrived!’ loud and clear. Capricorns are also fond of traveling in a group and won’t shy away from leading the troops, or at least managing the finances. Hey, these folks are business people first!

It’s also a given that there will be enough money on hand to pay for things now as opposed to later. The steady and devoted Sea Goat makes for an excellent traveling companion, too, as these folks are happy to shoulder the worries for the group, thereby making things easy for all (Caps are exceedingly capable). No, there won’t be any wild adventures on the horizon with a Cap, but a good time will be had by all!