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  • aries Daily Journey for Today

    The lord of the day for today is Moon. Its prescribed direction is in middle of the West and North directions, which is called ‘Vaayavya Kona’. Moon is in a fiery sign, which makes, the East direction favorable. So, you can travel in the North-East and North directions. Traveling towards South also is not inauspicious. But traveling in the South-East and West may not be beneficial today.

    Before starting your journey eat Kheer or Paayas (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) for better chances of achieving your goal.

    Worshipping Lord Shiva and bowing to your mother before starting your journey may bring positive results, so go ahead and do that if you intend to take a journey today.

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Traveling aries Style

Daily Journey Aries

Journey Aries

Traveling Aries Style

Aries are the pioneers of the Zodiac, and this is certainly true where travel is concerned. Ever on the go and seeking action, the Ram is a moving target. ‘What am I going to do today? Is it hot? risky? different?’ are the kinds of questions Aries will ask themselves when they’re on the road. And don’t expect them to hang around very long for an answer, as they’ll soon be someplace else.

Those born under the first sign of the Zodiac want to learn a little about a lot — knowing who built those pyramids in Giza and when is good information, whereas the why can be saved for someone else. Safe to say that old flick ‘If this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium’ was filmed with an Aries in mind!

Hopping from one place (and adventure) to the next, the Ram sets the agenda and expects others to follow it. No takers? Well, Aries are happy to travel alone, in which case they’ll seek some company along the way, even if only for a meal or a night. Sexy as they are, it would be a waste to spend every night alone! Again, the stimulation of new people and new places is what the Ram craves when traveling, and the more active the journey, the better.