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  • Gemini Journey on 02 October, 2017

    Monday’s lord is Moon. Its favored direction is the middle of the North and the West. Moon is placed in an Airy sign today, that favors the West direction.

    Both of these factors support the West, North-West and West-South directions making them auspicious for today.

    Traveling in the East and North-East, and the South-East directions should be avoided today as there are chances that your journey will not bring the fruits you desire.

    Also, don’t forget to eat Kheer or Paayas (good quality rice boiled in milk with sugar) and worship the Lord Shiva before you start. Worshipping the god of the relevant planets will reduce evil effects and bring success in your journey.

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Traveling Gemini Style

Daily Journey Gemini

Journey Gemini

Traveling Gemini Style

Weekend getaways were clearly designed with a Gemini in mind. No fan of long, drawn-out excursions, the Twins much prefer to hop into the car, get to where they’re going (and fast!) and sightsee like crazy once they’re there.

Sitting around on a beach is for everyone else, thank you very much. Intellectually curious Geminis are always eager to learn from their travels, and one of the best ways to do this is by talking to the people at their destination. Who better to offer some local color and insight? The Twins enjoy having a traveling companion, if only to have someone to talk to! Those born under this sign don’t feel a need to get every last bit of information while traveling, either — a quick glimpse into things is just fine, and then it’s off to the next place or activity on the agenda.

Will there be much in the Gemini’s travel bag? Unlikely, since they’ll pack as light as Air, the element which rules their sign. The Twins are also good to have along on a group tour, as they have a knack for synthesizing chunks of information and making it easily understandable. Consider them a pocket tour guide. Those born under this sign are also street-smart and possessed of good common sense, an ideal combination for the intrepid traveler.