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    You’re a highly sensitive and inward-thinking individual, an obvious effect of your ruling planet Saturn. You find solace in solitude, but unless you openly engage, foster dialogue and vent your feelings, you are bound to implode. This will invariably reveal itself in poor health, so the more you talk about how you feel, the less likely you are to experience stress on a physical and emotional level.

    If you’re caught in a sedentary job, get adequate exercise to keep your body agile and prevent arthritic problems later in life. Bear in mind that physical rigidity stems from an inflexible mind.

    Capricorn rules the lower parts of the body, such as the knees, skeletal system, tendons, skin and hair. For sportspeople of this zodiac, guard against knee injuries as this area is the most prone to harm. Your lungs are also rather vulnerable, so yoga and deep breathing exercises will strengthen the overall metabolism of your body.

    You also need to boost your muscle and tendon strength, especially if you’re not that young any more. Taking glucosamine sulphate will help restore some of your tissue. Also, supplementing your diet with some flaxseed will not only bolster your energy levels, but also serve as a great source of antioxidants. Vitamin B deficiency may also be an issue with you, Capricorn, so ensure that you supplement your diet with soya bean products, bean sprouts, eggs, bananas, avocados, oats, legumes and white meat.

    Whole grains and unprocessed foods offer a great source of dietary nutrition. Avoid acid-forming foods such as white flour, white sugar, beer, coffee, soft drinks, cheese, bacon, hamburgers, steaks and sausages. These foodstuffs can aggravate your arthritic or rheumatic tendencies.

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capricorn Health & Diet

Daily Health Capricorn

Health Capricorn


Capricorn Rules : bones, joints, knees, and teeth. Capricorns are known for their beautiful bone structure .

Health Habits: Along with Leo and Sagittarius, Capricorn is noted for its longevity. Capricorn’s bones, joints, and knees, however, may be vulnerable to rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, stiff joints, and orthopedic problems.

Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn holds sway over the gall bladder, spleen, bones, skin, and teeth. Their skin may tend to be dry and sensitive. Capricorns tend to have trouble with alcohol consumption.They tend to do things in excess, they overwork, skip meals, then eat too much at one time.

Capricorn’s cell salt is calcium phosphate, which is the most important element in bone formation.

Eat : Lack of calcium phosphate can cause rickets, misshapen bones, spinal curvature, teeth disorders, and pains in the joints. Foods which are rich in this mineral are oranges, lemons, figs, celery, cabbage, dandelion greens, spinach, broccoli, corn, peas, potatoes, walnuts, almonds, whole wheat, oats, and brown rice. A diet high in protein and calcium is a must for Capricorn in order to keep the bones, skin and teeth in prime condition. Capricorns should include a fresh raw salad, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fish, eggs, whole-grain breads in their diet every day. They need lots of calcium food, such as cheese, buttermilk, yogurt.

Don’t Eat : They should try to vary their diet with different vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, as Capricorns tend to get into a rut about food likes and dislikes, and often eat the -same things every day. Eating chocolate and refined sugar is bad for Capricorn’s skin.They should go easy on the highly seasoned and spicy food you are fond of, as it causes intestinal upsets.