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  • Gemini Financial Analysis For 16 April, 2017

    Today is Sunday and your birth ascendant is Gemini. This day will be favorable for you from financial and business point of view. You may go ahead with various investments in the appropriate fields and may earn lots of profit through such financial investments.

    You will earn profit through your personality and influence this day, and may invest money in new areas depending upon your own qualities, skills and mutual coordination. In case you feel helpless, , then this may be due to your own personal and intellectual shortcomings. Find the remedies and sort out your problems.

    You are likely to earn fabulous profits through the sale of medicines or becoming a manufacturer in various brands or a particular brand of medicine. You may become a wholesale dealer in medicines, as you will also earn handsome profit in this. Likewise, you will have further profit in the business of wool

    Business of ivory will be favorable for you this day. If you are engaged in the ivory business, make sure you hire a salesman to maximize your profits. You may also buy shares from the companies connected with all these businesses. You should not tell a lie today. In case you intend to earn profit through unfair means, then due to the influence of the Nakshatras there will be plenty of adverse effects in your future.

    All these aspects do provide an opportunity for you to earn a long-term profit. At least this day will be encouraging and successful for you from financial and business point of view. You will be happy to note your financial gains today.

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Career Horoscope: gemini

Gemini Daily Finance

Finance Gemini

Career Horoscope: Gemini

Hyperactive Geminis are impatient, impulsive and need constant stimulation. You thrive in a versatile career and a busy environment. As the sign of the Twins, you need a career that has many jobs in one. Bring on the multi-tasking! You simply aren’t meant to do just one thing. While other signs would feel overwhelmed by such a workload, having lots of variety makes you feel free.

Gemini rules communication, so you thrive in an environment with lots of small talk, email, phone calls and little tasks. A quiet, sterile office would drive you insane. If you work at a desk, the job had better include a great computer, where you can fire off Instant Messages and hop between projects all day. Gemini also rules short trips, so you’re happy running around doing errands, or bringing materials between departments and chit-chatting along the way. As the zodiac’s Twin, you need an “other half” wherever you go. That can either be a nurturing boss or a supportive co-worker—any kindred spirit who can help you talk through your ideas and issues.

Gemini is the sign of the teacher, so you love to mentor new people on the job — though you can be a bit impatient with the slow learners. You comprehend new information instantly, but remember that not everyone’s mind works as fast as yours! You also love to hook people up, and are always on the lookout for opportunities. Because Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of data, you’re often the first to hear about anything up-and-coming. With your mental Rolodex and ability to Google at lightning speed, you’re a one-stop connector for all your friends.

The main Gemini hazard? Indecisiveness. Because you’re so multi-faceted, you may hesitate to commit to one career path, fearing you’ll be “trapped.” As a result, you end up in an endless string of unfulfilling jobs because you don’t want to commit. Here are a couple suggestions to keep you from being your own worst enemy:

  • Be a consultant or a “project person.” Hone a field of expertise, then travel to different companies or departments and make them over. Or, work on projects with limited deadlines. Either way, the gig is short-term and there will be an end in sight, so you never have to feel trapped.
  • Use your creativity. Geminis have huge imaginations. Can’t find an existing job you like, or a position in your company that suits you? Make one up!
  • Work for yourself. At least you’ll always have the freedom you crave. Some happily self-employed Geminis we know? A hair colorist-stylist and a makeup artist. Guess all those wild colors and new styles keep their imaginations stimulated.
  • Give yourself a year. If you take a traditional job in a large company and already feel like you’ll be stuck there forever, commit to a year, or six months. Plan to reevaluate at that time. If you still like the job then, stay. If not, cut loose and move on! 


Journalist, consultant, web developer, agent, entrepreneur, makeup artist, hairstylist, editor, project manager, film director, yoga teacher, interpreter, stand-up comedian, DJ, day trader