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  • Capricorn Financial Analysis For 16 April, 2017

    Your birth ascendant is Capricorn. Today is Sunday. This day is not favorable from the viewpoint of finance and business and you are advised to adopt extreme caution and not to invest your money today. You will be better off if you spend your time happily and peacefully at home or office and concentrate on business activities in the later half of the day only. Even then, a detailed list of the particular aspects of business, which are not favorable and conducible for incurring profits are being furnished below.

    This day is unfavorable for carrying out the business related to sale of wool. Medicines may be a mediocre line for you today. Don’t have high expectations from business in fruit bearing trees. Brass and the materials containing Brass may not be profitable. Business of woolen and common blankets and carpets may not be so profitable today.

    Other businesses which may not be so profitable include, artificial teeth, garments, physician, wheat and sandalwood. Do not use smoky colored materials in your business today and if you are engaged in any of the above businesses, then spend your day without major speculation.

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Career Horoscope: capricorn

Capricorn Daily Finance

Finance Capricorn

Career Horoscope: Capricorn

Capricorn, your sign rules the zodiac’s tenth house of career and achievement. You’re in your element at work! A dedicated professional, you love to plan and set goals. You don’t care if it takes ten years to reach your destination. Capricorn is symbolized the mountain goat, and you view life as a rocky uphill climb. Unlike other signs, you expect to face a few bumps along the way. Even when you get discouraged, you rarely let an obstacle stop you for long.

Capricorn rules structure, and you need it. Although you make a great CEO or manager, the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship can drive your nervous sign crazy. If you want to run or own a business, you’d do best heading up a well-established corporation, or wisely choosing an industry where profit is guaranteed. The key for Capricorn is planning. Research your field, or write a business plan and follow it to the letter. You could also plug into a franchise or pre-existing business model and follow the steps to success.

Although you may gravitate toward a traditional career in the corporate sector, Capricorns can be highly artistic. With your flair for structure, you make a great designer, architect or head of a creative department. Being an earth sign, you’re tuned into the sensuality of colors, shapes and textures. Musical ability is also common for Caps, and you may have a deep, rich voice.

Capricorn is the sign of public honors and fame. You love to be rewarded or acknowledged for a job well done. Trophies, bonuses, and titles turn you on. You love all the trimmings of a successful career: monogrammed stationery, embossed business cards, a gold-plated or leatherbound desk set. Why not? With your sights set on a goal, a little incentive goes a long way in keeping you motivated!

What could you add to recipe for success? Moderation. Capricorns are at high risk for becoming workaholics. You may not know when to put the work down and have fun. If you’re not careful, work can dominate at the expense of friends, family, health and happiness. While Capricorns are often the family breadwinners, make sure you have a healthy balance of pleasure in your hectic schedule, too.

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