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  • Libra Financial Analysis For 16 April, 2017

    Your birth ascendant is Libra and today is Sunday. This day will be especially profitable from financial and business point of view. You may invest money in various established businesses besides obtaining profit through prior investments.

    There will be a possibility of your acquiring more profit in case you opt for using brass color in your workplace today. Businesses related to brass will add to your profits this day. If you are earning your livelihood from farming or doing some work related to the hills, then today will be profitable for you.

    Manufacturing of or trading in bulbs, tube lights etc. may provide you with profit. The garments business too, specially trade in thick garments like jeans, will yield profits for you today. Taking up business in sandalwood will be profitable for you. You may achieve notable profit through the use of fruit trees in your business.

    Getting involved in business of wool, starting from its manufacture up to its sale may provide you with ample profits. There is every possibility of your earning good profit through the short term business involving floor-covers, carpets, mats, rugs etc. Medicine is another line which will yield profits today.

    You may also be able to earn good profit in the business concerning various types of fruits like jams and jellies. Doctors will have good earnings this day.

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Career Horoscope: libra

Libra Daily Finance

Finance Libra

Career Horoscope: Libra

Business experts say that in today’s economy, who you know is everything. Or, as business guru Tim Sanders puts it, “Your network is your net worth.”

Lucky for you, Libra, you rule the zodiac’s seventh house of relationships: people are your profession! You do best in a career that allows you to work with others — to need and be needed. You thrive on a team, or championing another’s cause as an agent, broker, or representative. With your charm and diplomacy, few can say no to a Libra!

Libras love getting to know people, and you may have a mile-long contact list in your cell phone. This is your secret success weapon. Unlike other signs, you rarely shy away from an office party or networking event. You’re in your element when “schmoozing,” but you’ll also go beyond the superficial and share informed opinions. Libra, if you want to build your career, go to well-attended parties and take lots of business cards! We also recommend the book Never Eat Alone, which illustrates how everything you need for career success within your own circle.
Ruled by beauty-loving Venus, many Libras work in the arts, or inside the beauty, fashion and design industries. Since you naturally understand balance, you could also work as an architect, graphic designer or engineer. You’re sensitive to color, decor and proportion. Either way, a tasteful work environment is a must. If you’re an entry-level person with little pull, snag a window seat or pretty up your workspace with lovely Libran touches like flowers, framed photos and elegant office accessories.

Libra is the peacemaker sign; you hate conflict. You’ll either avoid it by working in a harmonious environment, or you’ll leap into the fray as a career as a social justice advocate, peace activist or even an attorney. As the sign of the scales, you’re constantly weighing and measuring information, and can earn a reputation as a wise judge or a source of strong opinions. As an outspoken American Idol judge, Libra Simon Cowell blends this trait with your sign’s artistic bent.

Your main pitfall is procrastination. Libras hate to be rushed, and you may gab too long at the water cooler or even report to work late. You also fiddle endlessly with projects, missing the deadline or having to pull an all-nighter instead of getting your Libra beauty rest. Dressing for work is another trap, since you’ll deliberate endlessly about what to wear. Remember, your ability to meet deadlines shapes your reputation as much as your keen sense of style. Be rigorous with yourself about punctuality. Get up two hours earlier to curl your eyelashes or iron your silk shirt — but be on time!

Journalist, fashion designer, interior decorator, creative director, artist, publicist, lawyer, judge, party promoter, makeup artist, food critic, human rights advocate, filmmaker, mediator, agent, broker, engineer, architect