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  • Cancer Financial Analysis For 16 April, 2017

    Your birth ascendant is Cancer and today is Sunday. You may experience quite a busy time, which will bring you financial satisfaction in your financial and business concerns. Use this day to analyze your financial and business positions this day. You may be provided with profits from all business endeavors this day. But there are some specific fields from where you may earn profits through your investments or from your existing investments.

    Today your power of convincing people will play an important role in all your businesses. So, be soft spoken while dealing with others. You may consider starting business or earning wealth through voice related businesses. Your politeness and tact in dealings with others will influence your business favorably. You may be benefited by the wisdom of an influential person, working with him or working under him or assessing him in his business will be good for you. The business of perfumes is good for your ascendant today.

    Wool is a good line for your ascendant today, and those who are involved in its trade will get good profits. You will experience profit from the beginning of the day. Whatever the business you take up this day, if you are using red color then it will enhance your luck.

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Career Horoscope: cancer

Cancer Daily Finance

Finance Cancer

Career Horoscope: Cancer

Security is Cancer’s number-one career goal, and you need a job where you feel safe and at home. You nestle right into your career with the same spirit that you use to create a warm household. You’ll cozy up your workspace with personal touches, like a candy bowl, funky artwork or a comfy pillow.

As the ruler of the zodiac’s fourth house of home, family and hospitality, Cancers do well working in the hotel, restaurant and childcare industries. You’re the zodiac’s “mother” sign, and you’ll nurture everyone who crosses your path. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be Mother Earth for a living, though. You’re just highly sensitive, and you’ll bring that intuitive touch to everything, whether you work in the arts or at a strict corporate job (both sectors where Cancers thrive).

As a natural homebody, home-based work also appeals to you. Freelance writing, computer programming — anything you can do in flip-flops and your favorite comfy T-shirt is the perfect gig. Warning: don’t isolate yourself so much that you lose touch with the world. Cancers can disappear into their cozy crab-shells, but too much time in there can make you seriously lose perspective. You could get moody and depressed. If that happens, get out and mingle with your fellow human beings!

That said, Cancer, you can just as easily fortress yourself in an office job, too. You may hide behind work or create a little office clique and shun everyone else. Should that happen, push yourself to embrace new opportunities and people outside your comfort zone. You’ll always do best when you allow your horizons to expand. Remember, it’s safer out there than you think!

Corporate executive, childcare worker, editor, writer, gallery owner, art director, interior designer, women’s rights lawyer, urban planner, family therapist, bed and breakfast owner, computer systems analyst or programmer, home-based business owner, organizational strategist